About the DVD

If you can't attend a childbirth class, this video will bring the class to you!

"Having Your Baby!" is the only complete Lamaze prepared childbirth class available today on video. This amazing two-hour video will bring you the latest up-to-date medical information, combined with proven, effective Lamaze Prepared Childbirth breathing, relaxation, and coaching techniques. Directed towards people who find it difficult to attend childbirth preparation classes, "Having Your Baby!" also serves as great reinforcement of actual Lamaze class, or as the perfect refresher course.

Instruction is easy!
Taught by obstetrical RN and Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, Ronnie Hammond, you'll see normal labor and birth, all Lamaze techniques, non-conforming labors, active coaching, medical interventions, complete Cesarean preparation, and two complete births!

"Childbirth is something you do, not something that happens to you."
~F. Lamaze

Table Of Contents

Welcome to Class

Lamaze Explained

Positioning and Relaxation Exercises

What Labor Accomplishes

Signs Before Labor

Signs of Labor

First Stage Labor ~ Early Labor

Slow Paced Breathing


First Stage Labor ~ Active Labor

Modified Paced Breathing

Losing Control

Fetal Monitoring Explained

Patterned Paced Breathing

First Stage Labor ~ Transition

Losing Control and Regaining Control

Patterned Paced Breathing

Visual and Verbal Signals and Controlling The Urge to Push

Second Stage Labor ~ Birth of Baby

Third Stage Labor ~ Delivery of the Placenta

Actual Birth

All About Pain Medications

"Back Labor" ~ Comfort Measures

Induction of Labor

Complete Cesarean Preparation / Cesarean Birth